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  • Jason

    September 28, 2023 at 8:45 am

    If it were designing this, I would start small for now, as someone said get the obvious plants in the ground. Such as the gunnera around the pond.

    Then start with the areas you think you’de want to use as seating, point of interest or focal points. Then figure out the routes to those areas (twisting paths) and start planting from there outward.

    You certainly don’t have to spend a huge amount on tropical plants up front. Plants such as Tithonia, helianthus, Ricinus and seed grown Dahlia coccinea can take up large amounts of space for relatively small cost. Great potted choices would be some of the large ornamental rheum, larger Euphorbia such as mellifera and perhaps Rhus typhinia and grasses such as Arundo and Miscanthus. They’ll all give you large size for relatively small price to get things rolling.

    Then you can move onto the more ‘tropical’ once you

    With such a large plot, it’s going to be a bit of trail and error. But by breaking the garden into ‘rooms’ (arid/jungle) you can at least start to develop the areas and grow them as you gain plants.

    Plus you may need to plant some kind of in-garden hedging/barriers to break things up and to also reduce exposure. With such a large garden the wind would be your worse enemy. That’ll also give you scope to pack in plants and create that full look. Otherwise you’ll end up planting a true jungle and cost would spiral unnecessarily.